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Sunday, October 5, 2014


Charlie's brother, Leigh Rodenbough, died two weeks ago, on September 21, at the age of 90.  A retired attorney, he went full time into his art after years of finding a moment here and there to spend time with a canvas during his law practice.  His work was remarkably beautiful, showing his love for nature and his children and grandchildren.  Seascapes were dominant for the former Naval officer, who spent World War II on ships.  He also loved clouds, farm scenes, wooded areas, trees, rivers and skies.  My favorites were the scenes from nature.

The evening of funeral visitation, his new work of art was the absolutely beautiful double rainbow visible from the the funeral home in Madison.  It was stunning, and viewers were convinced Leigh was once more plying his art, this time with the canvas of the heavens.  I was moved to put the experience into a poem:


 “This is what all art strives for: the creation of a living permanence.”  John  O’Donohue

(for Leigh Rodenbough – 1924-2014)

                              sea foam, star, cloud of  clear puff
                              or dark edges, they caught his eye
                              and found homes on canvas

                              old barns, woodlands, river scenes
                              on the Dan and Mayo, leafy trees,
                              mountain views, autumns of clear sky

                              boats that sail, ships that cross seas,
                              each trusting waves to bear their weight,
                              small craft lead the way, sing lake poems

                              shores with children shaping sand                                    
                              into castles as sea water fills holes
                              a sand crab scrambles seeking safety
                              while shovels work their artistry

                              it comes to us framed, the artist’s gift
                              to tell us the story he learned from ages
                              of study and the glory of light:
                              a rainbow that carries the love he sends
                              arcing over skies but touching earth

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