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Monday, February 8, 2010

Notice to Internet Advertisers: you are SPAM

After some years now of getting SPAMMED by the fraudulent and the criminals and those seeking to deprive me of our bank account, I have decided it is time to speak up. So here's to you, who try to sell me Viagra, or to tell me how to enlarge the male organ which I do not have, being female.

I am a 76-year-old grandmother, a retired preacher, and I have other credentials which you don't need to know about me. We are not wealthy, and we don't like people who try to bilk us of the little amount we do have. You are wasting your time trying to sell me anything.

Now if you really wanted to make something of yourselves, you'd drop all those scams and head off to Haiti or Darfur or some inner city here to help with soup kitchens, or shelters, or teaching others how to care for themselves legitimately. Do you hear the cries of anguish from the starving, from the children who are dying because they lack clean water and good medical care? Do you see the hopeless looks on the poor who walk your streets? Do you hate your own life so much that you desire to ruin the lives of others?

Get a life. Learn humility. Act in truth. Lead a life of service and compassion. It's not about you, remember? Find a faith to sustain you. Honor everyone who comes your way. Share what you have and help others find their way. You can do it. And please, please, stop sending me SPAM on my internet pages.