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Friday, November 27, 2009

A Time for Thanks

After a long hiatus from this blog, I am back! Sitting here looking out the window, at Bald Head Island, in the company of our family and many friends, life is good. Watched yesterday's Thanksgiving service online at the National Cathedral, where we were reminded that even in times of great stress and grief and turmoil, it is also good to be thankful for the good that has come to us.

So, I am. Extremely grateful for: a host of friends, a wonderful family, a time to stop and look around me, a time to finish the book that has taken so long to reach the end, a time to work on my poems, read Facebook comments, proof-read Charlie's long history of David Caldwell, laugh.

The food we have been nourished by is phenominal. Two house-fulls of us gathered at one of them to feast at the table of blessings yesterday. Today it is leftovers: turkey sandwiches, cranberry jelled salad, and other delights.

Now it is time to get outside, walk to the inlet and then ride (golf carts only) to the beach, then greet our niece's daughter and husband here, and go out for dinner. Such common moments, but what is better than to find there is value in the commonplace, with toppings of family, friends, and food?