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Thursday, April 16, 2009

My time is consumed with so many details that the efforts I really seek get pushed into the back row. For example, I'd like to add something on my blog about my books, published at My fiction, or almost fiction, is Gather with the Saints, a collection of stories as told by a 12-year-old Baptist preacher's daughter. She tells of the rather bizarre funerals and deaths that occur in her home town of Wheeler, NC. Most have a nugget of real life, as told me by my colleagues in ministry, but then there are the ones that come solely out of my imagination. One, told in three parts, is the tragic balance to those others which contain a note of humor. The book is available online and also through retail book sellers.

I also have a book that comes out of my dissertation on the grief process. I added a fantasy story and narratives given me by others about signs from nature or elsewhere that relay the message of comfort: their loved one who has died is all right. The book, Signs of Hope:Messages for the Grieving, is for sale online but not in bookstores.

My collection of poems, Field Water, went through four revisions and was not for sale but for gifts to friends. Now I have decided to offer it for sale, also through lulu. Another book, for sale through lulu, is a collection of sermons delivered during the fall of 2008, Preacher's Dozen and a few more.

You can find these at, by putting my name in the search window. If you find something you think worth reading, pass on the good word to your friends. I will be working at marketing these books in new ways soon.

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